Customer Sales Department

Elliot Feyjoo - General Manager

Elliot Feyjoo

General Manager
Phone: 5085815950
With 16+ years in the Powersports Industry, from Sales Specialist to General Manager, Elliot has worked in all departments and has accumulated extensive knowledge. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, has an accounting degree and, in his short time here, has brought improvements of all kinds to the store. He loves meeting our customers and hearing about their past experiences so be sure to see him when you visit.
Don Westberg - Customer Sales Specialist

Don Westberg

Customer Sales Specialist
Phone: 508-581-5974
Don has worked in all facets of the Motorcycle industry for decades and has been riding for 47 years. He is well versed in Indian Motorcycle, Victory, and Harley Davidson, but the Indian Motorcycle stole his heart. Don is a historian with a very large collection of Indian Motorcycle Memorabilia gathered as a picker. He is an expert at fitting a bike to a rider, a soft talker and very knowledgeable salesman.
Craig Robbins - Customer Sales Specialist

Craig Robbins

Customer Sales Specialist
Phone: 508-581-5950
This high-energy and knowledgeable guy is an expert at reading his customers and finding the perfect bike for them. He also started early, at 4 years of age, jumping on his older brother’s bike whenever he could. He then raced dirt bike trials for 15 years. Craig has been working in the Motorcycle industry full time since 2008. He is well versed in Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Polaris and Indian.
Jake Fleming - Business Manager

Jake Fleming

Business Manager
Phone: 508-581-5950
Dave Duplin - Customer Sales Specialist

Dave Duplin

Customer Sales Specialist
Phone: 5085815950
Tabitha Starr - BDC Sales Coordinator

Tabitha Starr

BDC Sales Coordinator
Phone: 5085815952
The newest addition to our Team, Tabitha Starr, grew up around motorcycles and continues to ride today. When she saw an opening in our store, she just knew she found the perfect place to use her extensive marketing, customer service, accounting and management skills. Stop in, say, “hello” and talk bikes with Tabitha anytime. She’s easy to spot with her awesome hair!

Service Department

Paul Mailhot - Service Technician

Paul Mailhot

Service Technician
With over 30 years of Technician Experience, Paul loves a challenge. He is certified in Ducati, Indian Motorcycle, Husqvarna, KTM and several other off-brands. He enjoys staying on top of all new bike technology but also loves a good antique bike rebuild in his spare time. There is almost nothing he can’t fix. On the weekends, Paul enjoys attending Motocross events in the area to cheer on KTM racers.
Will Fitzpatrick - Service Technician

Will Fitzpatrick

Service Technician
Our most experienced BMW Certified Technician and Ducati trained as well, William has a long history with our shop and, to our delight, recently returned from 3 years in North Carolina to re-join our team. With a wife and 3 young sons, he does not find much time to ride himself, but he recently brought home a KTM 50 to start the boys riding.
Will Daly - Service Technician

Will Daly

Service Technician
Will received his formal training at MMI in Phoenix, AZ and is passionate about all car and motorcycle related subjects. He is BMW, KTM, Husqvarna and Ducati Certified. He works hard all week so he can enjoy his weekends riding. He keeps everyone in the shop laughing with his antics and quick wit, but, at that same time, is super serious about tackling huge, complicated service jobs and never shies away from a challenge.
Dylan Jones - Service Technician

Dylan Jones

Service Technician
The youngest member of our team, Dylan came to us with great training from MMI in Seekonk, MA. He is currently certified in Indian Motorcycle and plans to complete certification in other brands soon. He quickly earned respect in the shop by his ability to fix almost anything. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, dirt biking and tinkering with old BMWs.
Jeffrey Hamburg - Parts & Service Associate

Jeffrey Hamburg

Parts & Service Associate
Full time Firefighter and Paramedic, Jeff is enjoying his part-time employment with the team being around the thing he loves most; motorcycles! He grew up on the Southwick MX338 Motocross Track which led him to MMI in Orlando right out of high school. In addition to having dual careers, he is an avid and accomplished rider, member of the Iron Butt Association, Red Knights and other organizations. His 9 year old son is surely following in Jeff’s footsteps and can be found on YouTube riding his dirt bikes all around the area.

Parts Department

Justin Curboy - Parts Department Manager

Justin Curboy

Parts Department Manager
Phone: 508-581-5961
Justin comes with over 12 years in the industry, most recently at a Harley-Davidson store. In his short time with Wagner Motorsports he has doubled the amount of after market options we carry for our brands and has redesigned many displays. Justin is committed to customer service and finding creative ways to bring new accessories into the store to meet the needs of all riders.
Shane Kelly - Parts Associate

Shane Kelly

Parts Associate
Phone: 508-581-5962
One of our youngest, yet most veteran team members, Shane has been able to bring our dealership to the forefront of the dirt bike market in our area. His knowledge of parts is legendary and he looks for a challenge to find something we may not currently carry. He's been racing motocross since he was 3 years old and has already bought and sold over 50 bikes for himself. He is a constant presence at NESC events. His passion for the lifestyle shows in his work and he welcomes questions about parts for ANY brand bike so, see if you can stump him.